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How do I submit an article
click here

How often is the site updated?
Weekly. A total of no less than 36 pages are added each month.

Can I upload my own video's?
Yes but each video upload is limited to a size of 500kb.
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Can I upload my video's directly from my mobile?
Yes. As long as the video is no bigger than 500kb. click here

Can I upload my photo's from my phone?
Yes, as long as size is less than 200kb. click here

note: when submitting material you agreeing to acknowledge that all copyright belongs to you, and your submitting of material is agreeing to let hatredfun.com use the content in anyway sees fit, such as keeping for static content.

photos uploaded are erased once area mb limit is reached.

I have found a broken link
email which link and page here and it will be fixed within 48hrs.

Can I use any material from this site for my own site?
No. But some articles are available, as listed here for your own use if you follow the terms of use.

Will you do a section for... ?
If you'd like to see hatredfun add another section to the site, email your suggestions here and we'll look into it.

Can I email to zig says?
Yes, from here.

What type of emails do you publish?
Any that are sent to the zig says email address maybe published only.

Can I complain about something?
Yes, from here.

Can I suggest something?
Yes, from here.

Can I advertise on hatredfun?
Yes, full details can be found here.

Can anyone join members area?
Yes, though under 13's may need adult consent before viewing or listening to some materials.

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