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You may use any of the following articles and features, as long as you follow these terms of use:

1. The page that contains the article or feature must have this html block inserted immediately after the article:

<small><a href="http://www.hatredfun.com">Hatred Fun</a> - mobile fun while on the move</small>

if your using it on a mobile site, use this block instead:

<small><a href="http://mobile.hatredfun.com">Hatred Fun</a> - mobile fun while on the move</small>

2. You must not format the above html blocks in a way that hides its presence within the page for the viewing person.

3. You must email me a link to your site.

4. If you stick to the above, I, in return will also add a link to your site within the links area of hatredfun.

5. To have your link appear in the mobile versions of hatredfun, you must also provide a link to the mobile version of your site. If you haven't a mobile version of your site, then make a small basic html page advertising your web version of your site, or anything else you'd like.

6. The page you wish for hatredfun to link to must NOT contain explicit material. If it does, however, then hatredfun will have two warning pages before your site link is accessed, these warning pages will be to advise the surfer of the content of your site, and will also aid in helping parental blockers from allowing minors to access your site.

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