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Note: Sign up requires usernames and passwords of at LEAST 7 (seven) characters.

- when signing up, make sure the terms check box has an 'x' in it.
- your username must be no less than 7 in length.
- your password must be no less than 7 characters in length.
- both username and password ARE CaSe SeNsTiVe so take care when entering this information.
- do NOT use a 'space' or special characters in your username OR password.

When logging in, and you are asked 'submit form as plain text', click YES or CONTINUE (depending on your phone model).

If you still have difficulties signing up or logining, then either email me or inbox me at duncanwap.com, with details of (sign up problem)...

- your phone brand (eg, nokia)
- your phone model (eg, 6280)
- your preferred username (at least 7 letters in length)
- your preferred second choice username if first choice is taken
- your preferred password (this can be changed later)
- your email address
- the error you got when trying to sign up

if its a login problem you have...
- phone brand and model
- your username
- your sign up email address OR sign up password
- the error encountered on login attempt

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home - sign up problems
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