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1. You must be aged at least 16 to access this area of hatredfun.
2. All downloads are provided as is. The site owner accepts no responsible for loss in any form of any kind.
3. Abuse of the download service will result in you being blocked from hatredfun.com.
4. Grooming will result in you being completely blocked from hatredfun.com and the appropriate authorities will be informed of your actions.
5. Anything you submit must be your own, and in submitting anything, you agree to give permission for its use on hatredfun and, or any other sites owned by Zigzagtoes.
6. If downloading music, you must own an original copy of the music track being downloaded. If you don't however, then it is strongly advised you seek out and purchase an original copy if you listen to the piece of music more than just the once.
7. You may leave a link to your site in the links section or the guestbook only, one entry per 24 hours only.
8. Hotlinking to any content held on any sites belonging to Zigzagtoes is NOT permitted. Doing so will result in you being blocked from hatredfun.com.

If you do not agree to ANY one of the above terms, then you should leave this site immediately.

By continuing, you are agreeing to abide by the above mentioned Terms of Use.

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home - members terms of use
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