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Some say lack of sleep affects memory. This I completely disagree with, and I do have a 'bad' memory in the eyes of some. For example, I wouldn't remember a star of a certain film that crops up in converse (I may have only watched it just days previously), but I will remember much of the plot only if I enjoyed the film. My theory is, who cares who the actors were? How would remembering this information help me later in life? It wouldn't, so I probably don't even bother to try and store the stars names in memory, useless information is a waste on brain power.

I started writing BASIC computer scripts back in the very early 90's, I can remember all this now, over 15 years later, and the formula it should be written in. This I regard as information that will, and does help me in life today, even though I haven't written a Basic script since around 1993. It helps me, as a basis, to write other computer scripts, and is probably why I still remember it.

I follow my local football team, but wouldn't be able to name the full team for a certain game. I only remember players that have a positive effect on the game, and those that make big mistakes. Those that do neither, are forgotten about, they're a nobody in terms of memory usage.

So do I have a memory problem? No, do I fk. I'm just very selective on what I choose to remember.

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