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Bit of a delayed rant here, found it deep within my filesystem, original date wrote 24 May 07. Wow, over a year old and just being added, blame it on memory.

Tony Wright managed over 11 days (266hrs in total) without any sleep. Now for someone that does indeed sleep often, then congrats are in order, but it isn't much of an achievement for others, such as myself.

I'm often regarded as an idiot as I refuse to sleep on a regular basis, especially during the summer as I don't want to miss out on the good weather. I haven't done for a while now, but only a handful of years ago, I probably had no more than 10hrs sleep in 23 days. Some of you that don't know me that well, or at all, will be shouting something along the lines of 'Bull Shit', your choice, it's your opinion, but to explain...

I work nights. I work 12 hour shifts minimum. I like the sun. Now this one summer I worked 23 night shifts in a row, due to the great weather I wouldn't go to sleep at all, or just make do with an hours kip in the garden, lapping up the sun, before heading back to work. During this long stint of insomnia, I felt ok, still spoke ok, and remained fresh looking. So 11 days isn't much of a feat. Even now I could probably go weeks without sleep, only that would mean I'd have to stop smoking 'sleeping sticks' which is not only an aid to help me feel tired, but is also my main social activity (I very rarely drink), so its unlikely.

When I do go without much sleep though, it is true that your eyes become very sensitive to light, and your brain DOES become more unresponsive, but only to boring activities. Reading or watching something not of interest to you, will cause your body to start an immediate shut down, starting with your hearing becoming very sensitive to sound (everything appears louder, especially the normally silent humming of electricity), your eyes will then rapidly lose focus, and your head will then start feeling heavy, wobbling about.

I sleep for round 40 hours a week, reason? life is too short to waste with your eyes shut, who cares if i'm going to knock a decade off from my lifespan, at least I wont have to suffer for very long on a shit pension.

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