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So we now have blogging via a mobile phone. Whats new about that? Its not new, I've been doing it via a mobile phone, with many others, for years. Just take a look at many of the mywap sites launched by Genie (now o2) well over 5years ago. Its old school, only now it has a name, and a shit name at that. All you new comers are killing the once unique feeling of taking the piss out of everything and anything, some of you even stoop so low as to give practically a diary of your days events. If I wanted to read a diary, I'd kill myself. Humour is what we as humans like to be entertained by, not reading that you've just started on the blob, nor do I want to know that your next door nieghbour is cute. You want to share that sort of shit, use a chat site, and give us true critics our world of 'blog' back.

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