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Chav Getto

Want to be trendy amongst chavs so you can walk by them without being attacked?

Then all you need to do, is get yourself some chipmonk dj mp3's on your phone, then play them on loudspeaker while your phone remains in your pocket. The worst that will happen, is that they'll most likely want you to bluetooth the currently playing song to their phone, then be on your merry way in the satisfaction you just cheered up a gang of chavs, as well as remain in tact.

So what is it with this new chav fad? Its like everyone has a getto blaster the size of a few inches, but, sadly, it sounds more like an empty tin being used as a speaker. The quality, because played so loud, just distorts. Still, why play your music in public anyway? Its not new, and its laughable as to your tastes in shite, do us all a favour, get some fkn earphones.

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