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Babies with Guns

The world we live in today is more violent than ever, kids are readily able to purchase guns for peanuts, no really, a jumbo box of peanut M+Ms will get you a shooter. The government meanwhile, seems to be blaming everyone but themselves, as usual. Ideally, the perfect solution would be to tighten up customs, but that costs too much cash. So, what now?

How about, instead of this child cash grant thingy, give them a gun instead, save the kids from buying in the future, and have it gift wrapped and presented to them on their tenth birthday, if the child has sense and refuses the gift of a gun, great, thats one less gun to buy for the next 10 year old.

Now we've a large bunch of babies with guns, working guns at that, send them to war, if there isn't a war, just declare a war on, I don't know, Iraq again? who cares, at least the armed forces will have working weapons, albeit in the hands of infants. If they get shot, tough shit, they shouldn't have accepted the gift wrapped icon status booster. Status? fucking hell, the only statement a gun gives is 'Without this gun, I'm as hard as an origami ninja'.

Now to all you fkn tosspots wielding a gun out there, FUCKING GROW UP AND FIGHT WITH YOUR HANDS.

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