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Male Minded

by pissynix

Don't quite know how that works, but its been suggested I, silkydraws/pissynix has a male mind.

Is this because I have no interest in assisting some dirty ugly little fkr in a crank?
Is it because I speak my mind and come over as aggressive?
Is it because I'm a body builder and martial artist and not a model or nail varnish collector?
Is it because I wear a security uniform rather than dressed like a prost1tute for work?
Is it cos I do all the diy in my household, i'm the break winner, the meat hunter and head of the family?
Is it because I choose to have my partner rather than needing a partner?
Is it cos I'm far too independent?

Haha! I think it's clever how I can change sex just like I switch over the hot and cold taps.

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