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I fkn hate it.
By Rico:

Have you noticed a change within our world of football that is Hull City, I have and I fkn loathe it, list as follows:

1. All seaters, so you can't get away from miserable bastards who moan if you, (delete if not applicable) stand up, sing, swear, smoke, complain about the ref, argue with your mates.

2. Women and little kids under 10, they don't understand what winning and losing means to me, not all women, just the ones who sit near me, I swear and shout, I DO NOT want some sodding woman scolding me because little Tarquins ears might be offended, fk off in the wimmin and little kids stand with the rest of the cardboard cut outs. West stand for the thick amongst you.

3. East Stand, I have stood in BP's Kempton since '71 I have been thrown out for defending Hull City's honour more times than was good for me, now I know it's not clever, and I am glad it no longer happens, but there was a certain edge, a mass support that opposition players feared, a volume of noise that players responded to. KC's Ideal Standard East Stand (try singing that with a belly full) is like having 10 kops 50 yards from each other, it don't work. Get the women and kids out, and get a proper Kop, singing and chanting compulsory.

4. Tigers Lair, it's a cre, I am not going anymore, its full of families, it's like McDonalds with beer, I sat near the big screen with the rest of the lads planning minibus trips, talking about the match, last week, full of 'new' supporters hanging around like groupies with wives and kids, no fk off you aren't coming to Port Vale.

5. 'new' supporters, I know success brings supporters in, I know its good for finance, I know our gates look impressive, but when some of them try to tell me 'I have been going for years', I despair, I really do. I started going regulary at 15 when I started work, I took my kids when I knew they wouldn't spend half the match running up and down the terrace, and then only two or three times a season, now its a family outing like going to the zoo, and they all go in Tigers Lair.

6. Chanting, we are crap, we have three songs none of them good, Wise Men Say (what happened to the 2nd verse), Come on You 'Ull (eggchasers chant), C.I.T.Y. The Tigers (can't you spell) E.I.E.I.E.I.O is decent because its not 40 years old.

Football support has turned from a hard, rowdy, noisy, passionate, knowledgable person, into, apart from Victor and Jason, a KC Big Brother reality TV shithole full of wierdo's you would walk across the street to get away from.

Rico I'm not mad, just furious.

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