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Right, to non Hull City supporters, or 'new' supporters, the Kempton was the name of Hulls most nortorious, and noisy East stand at Boothferry Park. Supporters would often chant, hurl abuse, be stood up all match, and on occasions, charge at the away support, it were like the Kop at Liverpool to put it another way.

Talking of the Kop, thats an ALL SEATER stand, but supporters STILL stand all the way through the match, so, now that bit has gotten through to all ya heads, I will begin this short rant thats turning into pages long...

Now this saturday just gone, at our latest match, Hull v Barnsley, never have I heard such a bunch of complaining OLD farts. Just as the entrance music for the team started playing, thats the cue for all to stand, so we did, and remained so throwing our verbals and chants in the direction of the away support, which, suprisingly happens all the time in this section, seeing as its where all us Kempton have ended up gathering in our new home.

Only five minutes into the match, the old cvnts start complaining, they ask a couple of people in front of them to sit, them in fronts reply, 'fk off.', and rightly so too, as the people in front of them were standing, so that would have achieved nothing.

After this, the old geeza, who seemed to be a 60year old rebel amongst his five friends, fks of to the nearest steward to try and get us all to sit...

Er, yeah right, how the fk can all 50-100 officials make 2 thousand fans sit down, never mind the fkn one. So he returns dismayed and angered, shouting to his friends, next time we'll sit over there!

...well all I can say is, good ya fkn cvnt, but can't ya fk off to the flask supping south stand instead? Miserable cvnts like that shouldn't even be let near a stadium, never mind in one.
Rant over.

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