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Just lately, far too many places are having their call centers man'd (and woman'd) by complete idiotic indians.

Now I aint being racist, but why does it take 5 minutes to answer every question they ask you? No, its not because we're not able to understand what they're saying, its because THEY don't understand us!

Just the other day, I had to repeat myself several times in a period lasting 5 minutes, trying to answer what the Indian asked me,

'valid from date',

'does not have one', I replied.

'I require a valid from date', the Indian asked.

'It does NOT have a valid from date', I replied again trying not to snap.

'Sir, please can I take your valid from date?', the seemingly ignorant pratt asked again.

'My debit card DOES NOT HAVE A VALID FROM DATE.', I replied again as clearly, loudly, and slowly as possible while biting my tongue.

After going through this SAME question for the next few minutes, he eventually, and thankfully, submitted to defeat, going to get his superior to finish my transaction.

His superior, also Indian, spoke far better English, and understood me far better, but why all this to begin with? It must have taken nearly 20minutes to complete my transaction.

Learning to speak English is fine, BUT LEARN HOW TO LISTEN TO ENGLISH TOO!!

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