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Peace Tax

Get taxed more because you live in a peaceful neighbourhood? What the fk is happening to the world of politics? Does this mean because, a) I live on a bus route, and b) the council are always mowing the gardens, AND c) there's always violence in my street, does it mean I get a 'noise credit tax'?

Its now more obvious our government hates us, and because they are short of cash, they'll tax anything they can think of, so here's a list of other taxes they could introduce...

Sun tan tax (best not sunbath)

Pavement tax (just like cars, bigger fat people will be taxed more)

Pushchair tax (why not? this tax can be used to fund child support maybe?)

Door colour tax (higher rates if your door is a nice colour)

Hoodie tax (maybe the trouble causing youths will stop wearing them?)

Benny hat and cap tax (to prevent the ex-hoodies from using this means of concealing their face?)

Cycle tax (they do use the roads too, so why not?)

Waiting and loitering tax (could stop gang gatherings, and make getting served at shops faster?)

Flip flop tax (they're dangerous and cause injuries, tax can be used for treating those injured from wearing them?)

Shit tax (everytime you have a number two, insert a quid or your bog wont flush?)

Animal tax (own a pet? then pay for the privelidge. Gold fish be taxed highest for being boring, and dumb.)

There's probably many others, feel free to email some of your taxing ideas.

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