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Dear ZiG,
weak f**kn dog b*tch u r stop kisn ya dogs crack f***er u neva gna find out s**t all bout me u pillow biten s**t u f***n rockspider pepo sick c**t i no where u live so u best b watchin ya self pigbaghoe coz we watchn u an w8n 4 the right moment to strike hahahahahaha we gona get u
anon, via email. (12.13pm).

Dear anon,
Firstly, i think the next time you walk past a college for the mentally afraid, ya should book yasen in fa some English lessons, an no, a aint on bout obvious shorthand, but how t actually put words together t MAKE SENSE. Secondly, as i have said in previous reply, a know who ya is. Thirdly, if ya know where a live, you will notice all d great opportunities when am walkin home from work when ya can get me, but seein as ya watchin me, you will know that wont ya, an seein as ya are watchin me, you will also notice i have an attitude of not givin a fk, an a aint fear fk all, if a did, i would prob not walk alone in wot a can only describe as one o d worst places t live fa violent crime in hull. Now a final note... Whats this we? not got d dangly bits t get me on ya own? Well, bring it, an if ya watchin me, i shall be walkin from city center all d way down hessle road at lunch time, endin ma journey at tilbury road, so look forward t seein ya enroute, oh, an a will be alone on this journey, but seein as ya watchin me, you will already know that wont ya?

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