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Dear ZiG,
your whole site is sh*t no1 likes u tos**r so do e1 a favour and do your self in kn*bjocky u a little gay c**t hahaha who cnt do jacks**t bcoz u that full ov s**t u go ta itchy go on and the owner wil eat u 4 breaky and f*** tis pathetic o2 pmpl site up hahahaha u f***n wana be dild* hav fun pondern who this is coz u neva gna no w**kstain hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha u dumb f***
anon, via email. (11.57am)

Dear anon,
So, ya got ya opinions on ma site, ya aint like it obviously, so why do ya keep returnin? Ya kinda like a parasite aint ya? ...oh, an erm, oops, i know who ya is, but jus fa fun t see if ya continue, i shall not let d world know yet, now where is that bus-stop?

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