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If there's such a thing as life after death, then do I fuck want to be queuing up for it.

Why the fuck would anyone want to taste any of the shit we have now for a second time?
"Yes please Evil God, I'd like to return as soon as possible, I don't mind which country you rebirth me in, as long as it has all the luxuries I left behind."

Now consider the "luxuries" of the present life...

Get blown up by power obsessed wankers.

Get told what to do by fake wankers with power.

Work like fuck for a pittence wage while tossers such as immigrants and bums earn more than you by doing fuck all.

Walk down any street at any time, in the full knowledge that at any moment you could be mugged,or stabbed.

Yep, life is so fucking great. So, who is looking forward to their next life now?

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