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Green Tax

This would make more sense if its a colour being taxed, afterall green can be a boring colour. Now hold on, this is environment tax right?
So in other words, not that many of you would have noticed with this trendy name, we're being double taxed? Why? Easy..
You pay tax on fuel, the fuel your burning to heat up your home, this fuel gives of greenhouse gasses. Hold on! we paid the tax already didn't we? Paid tax for the fuel, now paying the tax again for the fuel? Nope, still doen't look right, lets try another example..

We pay refuge tax for our rubbish to be disposed of. Usually a full bin a week for an average household. Now we're going to be taxed again depending on how full the bin is? On top of the tax we've already paid to dispose of the rubbish? So, we pay tax for our rubbish to be taken away and disposed of correctly, now we have to pay more tax depending on how much rubbish we have?

Fuck me, its a massive tax circle, still doen't seem right. Sounds very illegal to me, Am I the only one that can see this?

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