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Raving at 80

Us younguns get it said all d time by us elder family members..

'You'll grow outta that music soon an start listening to soft tunes.'.

Yeah right, I was told that at 13 when I started listening to Happy Hardcore, and ya know what, over a decade later, am still listenin to happy hardcore.

Old folks now go ball-room dancing, when i'm old, i'll be going ball-room raving!
Fuck mellowing out, ya can see it now, in 50years time, the best selling accessory for old folk won't be pipes, it'll be either neon walking sticks, or neon zimmerframes.

As we're waving our neon walking sticks in the air, some will collapse through lack of support, and the rest of us will be bashing each other over heads with our glowin sticks..

'Oi, watch where ya wavin that thing!'

'Fuck off ya old bastard!'.

But looking on a brighter note, population figures will drop. As we rave to 160+ beats per minute music, many of us will drop dead to the ground hugging our neon walking sticks..

'Mike ya old cvnt, get up!', before continuing...

'Oh well, if ya dead fuck ya, 'cos i'm raving here, where's them E's?'

By the time i'm 80, E's will probably be known as EESE's (extra extra strength extacy) and have pictures of Howard (halifax who gives you extra) on them.

To end me rant, as the saying goes, and i know for fact I mean it...

Hardcore Til I Die!

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