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C64 Relaunch It!

Gone are the days of plug n play computers, even the best consoles now need time to boot up, so its time the old classics returned as a plug n play controller system, not like the plug n play classic consoles you get now, but rather more like having a slot to take a games medium.

If you get a classic plug n play system now, you'll get around 30-100 games built-in, but these games are not the classics we grew up with. What happened to the great games such as Rainbow Islands, Creatures, Turrican 2 etc from being included in these classic packs? Yep, they dont bother with them, instead you get a dozen different versions of pong, bomber, and plenty of other dire games.

Now picture a system in a controller with a slot to take memory cards or a 3.5 inch disk, if disks are used, thats 10 games per disk or more, well over 20000 games was released for the c64, so there would be plenty of choice, easily be available, and would provide us retro gamers with the games we would really like to play again without having to get an emulator setup on our pcs to run how we want, so relaunch the c64, amstrad, spectrum and give us back our childhood!

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