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My Wife

My wife she said yes but her dad being a cynical b*stard, didn't believe I loved her and thought I was only after his money. So he sent his other daughter around while my missus was out, to try it on with me.

She walked in dressed in a mini skirt and see-through blouse and told me she'd always fancied me. She said we could have no strings attached sex all afternoon. She came over put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, "im going upstairs now, don't be long I'm hot and horny, and dying for it."

She walked slowly upstairs, stopped, turned around and slipped off her thong, threwing it at me, and disappeared into the bedroom.

What could I do? I ran out of the house and bumped right into her father, "oh son-in-law", he says, "forgive me, I doubted you, you will want for nothing, you will never have to work again.".

I was stunned and stood there thinking, thank fuck I left the johnnys in the car!

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