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Two Dogs

Young girl walking through park with her mum when she spots 2 dogs shagging "mummy what are they doing?" she asks, mum answers "they're just making buns.".
Further along she spots a couple heavy petting on a bench "mummy what are they doing?" she asks, "they're making buns.", she replies.
Later that night after the young girl has gone 2 bed her mum and dad get horny and get carried away and have sex on the sofa.
The next morning over breakfast the young girl turns to her mum and says, "mummy you and daddy were making buns on the sofa last night", her mum all embarrassed and blushing says, "what makes you think that?"
They girl replies "when you and daddy went to bed I came down and licked the icing up.".

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home - jokes - two dogs
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