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Ya Mamma..
Ya mamma's so dumb, she sits on the tv to watch the sofa.

Ya mamma's so stupid, she throw a rock at the ground and missed.
Your mamma's so poor that she bought you a video tape for xmas featuring other kids playing with THEIR toys.
Your mamma's so ugly, she turned medusa to stone.
Your mamma's so ugly, she chases cars around the red light district shouting 'i'll pay you!'.
Your mamma's that ugly she'd have to wear make-up on the radio.
Your mamma's so short you can see her feet on her drivers license.
Your mamma's so fat that when she stands on scales it just spins around forever.
Your mamma's so stupid that she stared at an orange juice bottle for 1hr because it said, 'concentrate'.
Your mamma's that thick she got run over by a parked car.

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