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taken from psm magazine, december05.

Dear Psm2,
I have a problem with violence and crime in gaming. Not its effect on the moral fibre of our youth (they've been a bunch of crack smoking, knife-wielding maniacs for years now), but the fact it's becoming so deeply boring. 'Battle your way up from the p*ss-drenched alleys of downtown to the drug-laden high spot of chief Mafiosi by treading a blood-drenched path over all your dead and mutilated former enemies.' What, again? Do I have to? Who said we wanted the majority of videogames to be entirely coloured in hues of browny-green and have a maladjusted psychopath with a nipple stud as their hero? I mean, if I wanted to spend a lot of time in vomit-spattered back alleys being beaten up by drug pushers and prostitutes, I'd move to Hull. Though I'm not saying we should just relapse to the old days when everything was as simple as some big ugly bloke having stolen your girl/princess/dog so grab your magic armour/pixiedust/dog whistle and go rescue her.
We definately need more Psychonauts and less hoodlums. GTA is awesome, but that doesn't mean its the natural limit of adult gaming. Bring back the technicolour.
Ben S, via email.
Dear Ben Shitscared,
Games are made to escape reality, nowhere else would you be able to go around, shooting and beating the sh*t outta people, and get away with it. If your fed up of violence in games, why not start a collection of kiddies games, such as sonic, mario etc.
Now on to your comments on my fine city. Hull doesn't have many alleys, not even on the roughest of estates, so you must never have visited. Now if I were you, if you were to ever step into Hull, you'd best be sure to have some of that fairydust with you, if you haven't got any, I'm sure the drug pushers will sell you some for a small fee, before they set about beating the sh*t out of you on the streets. Yes, streets. Here in Hull they don't give a sh*t where you are, if you've upset them, they'll do it full view of everyone, not down a back alley. Advice, stay away from Hull.

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