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Its been getting media attention for a while now, and many questions are always asked about how to prevent it, or even who's at fault for letting it happen. Now its my turn, an average if sometimes insanely stupid person...

Right, this week its the family containing three teenage girls, all mothers, the youngest being twelve. First, lets decide who to blame, well, thats loadsa people then...

Parents for not threatening to kick the shit outta them if they find out they've had sex.
The schools for seemingly ignoring behaviour and attitude towards sex and sex education.
The government for being such a soft touch.
And most importantly, the teen themselves for getting in this situation.

Solution? Fkn easy is this one, so simple, it should be enforced immediately...

Stop ALL child benefits for any parents under the age of 20. Harsh, maybe, do I give a fk? No. Am sure you'll agree, unless your one of the teenage slags (to put nicely), that this would definately be THE best deterrent ever into combating teenage pregnancies.

One of your questions is no doubt,
'but who's going to foot the bill if it were to happen?'

...well, who do you think? Obviously the parents of the teenage mother, with NO extra benefits, after all, the teen is still your child, and anything your child does, is STILL your responsibility. This WILL also get back the discipline needed from parents to ensure that teenagers don't fall pregnant.

Yes, i've ranted for one of my longest spells ever, but boy, do a feel better for it, 'cos am sick to fkn death of scroungers getting an easy life from my tax payments.

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