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Is your house ugly? Just think about it, take a look, bet ya thinkin...

'Nah, me house looks tops.'.

Look again, bet ya got a metal tree branch poking outta ya rooftop aint ya?
Having an aerial aint too bad, they usually thin and high outta sight, but what about a sat dish?

Now these are the ugliest things to grace ya house, big, black, and fkn darn right ugly.

Just think for a minute, what could be done to remove it, but still keep ya umpteen million channels of repeated crap?

Simple, do some really good thinking as ya read this...

Years ago, you needed a dish, and these were ugly big white things (but at least the bird crap blended in), and they needed line of sight 'cos most signals were sent analogue.

Sky tv is now DIGITAL people!

Do ya know what this means? No? Read on...

A digital signal does NOT need line of sight, so you can quite easily have ya dish installed in your attic. The only problem with that, is the engineer will probably refuse to fit it, as this means, no dish visible outside = no free plug for sky.

Not convinced? What about your mobile phone? Its digital, signals are digital, but yet you can still use it surrounded by concrete walls.
Your tiles are only at most a couple of inches thick, so why the fk aint sky installing them internally? It makes sense dont ya think?

If I were in charge of any councils planning department, I'd refuse a dish to be stuck to an external house wall. Get your next one stuck in ya attic, on the other plus side to this, your house will not lose value.

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