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During July and August, I had one fuck off bug. I was near enough to everyday, vomiting and spewing up bile. It was painful and annoying.

After 7 weeks of this stupid illness, I decided to ring for a doctors appointment. Great, only the fkn twats were fully booked, earliest appointment I could get was a full 7, YES!, SEVEN! days.

I'd already told them that i'd been like it for over a month, and I pointed out I could have a serious stomach ulcer. Could I get an earlier appointment? Could i fuck! The appointment for seven days time wasn't even for me own quack, so I decided to wait, four days later, fk all was up, i'd fully recovered.

Just this week, HRI was closed to visitors because of a major out-break of what I had, did I spread it?

Probably, or at least I played a part in its mission to contaminate others, if only the doc had seen me eh, I hate wasting doctor time, so I didn't make an appointment previously in case it were nothing, besides, now I know i'm unable to get an appointment for at least a week after I first contact them, I aint gonna again, i'd rather be hit by a bus than try and remember for a full week to keep me appointment, fucking system is a farce.

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