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Fart Wars

With the invention of interactive tv, all we need now is a smell simulation system added to the great box of tricks, added with this, a big brother like series.

Bring on Fart Wars!

Could you imagine, the viewer would have great satisfaction of being able to smell the contestents farts, rate them, an then vote out the person with the perfume scented fart.

It'd make for great smelling tv, not to mention, those poor souls with no mates will at last be able to experience the smell of another human beings fart.

The ad breaks?

Fabreeze, Hazel, and whatever other products the toiletries manufactures want to throw on the screen, the adverts could even be test smelt through the SSS (smell simulated system), it'd be great, cos unknown to them, no one will even go out to buy the products, why? record the adverts over and over, when ever you need a spray of Peach Scent, hit the playback button, with the SSS attached, an bobs ya aunty.

Your best mate has a bad hangover, make them feel worse, shove on a recording of a fried bacon advert!

The possibilities are endless, I say release the SSS(tm) NOW!

Just remember to switch the SSS off at meal times, seeing as this is prime time for nappy adverts.

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