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Speed Cameras

Should be renamed to something more apt, such as Speed Cashiers. The amount of money they make from them is unreal, it should change.

Keep the fines, as they are expensive, but points should no longer be added to your license unless you really are hitting high figures.

For example, if ya doing 50 in a 40 zone, a 60quid minimum fine, plus an extra 5quid for every 1mph over (limit +10mph),
if ya do 60mph in a 40mph zone, 110 fine and three points, do 70mph in 40mph zone, 160 fine and upto 9points.

Now, i'm sure drivers would agree that this would be fair. Although for M roads, anyone doing under 94mph (really 90mph but added 4mph for manufacturerers speedo errors) should not be fined, do 95mph, get 135 fine, 3points.
Every extra 5mph over 95mph gets another 2points, so, if ya have a clean license and do 120mph, 12 points (license lost with 6month ban) 310 fine.

Now thats logic, and my opinion on how speeding laws should be.

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