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Father John

After 30yrs Father John had decided to retire as priest of the local parish. A grand send off dinner was held in his honor and the mayor was going to give a speech. Being the typical politician that he was, he was late. Father John decides to give his speech in the meanwhile.

'I remember the very 1st confession that I heard, the man was cheating on his wife, stealing money from his employer and had a weakness for drugs and prostitutes amongst other things. I remember thinking to God how could I be sent to the sinful city, but as I got to know all the people in this community, I realised what a great flock I was given.' Just then the mayor came in.

The priest sat down and the mayor took over, he apologised for being l8 and said 'You know when Father John 1st came here, I was privileged enough to be the 1st person to go to him for confession'.

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