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Useless Inventions

Black Highlighter Pen
Glow in the Dark Sunglasses
Non-stick Sellotape
Inflatable Anchor
Inflatable Dartboard
Silent Alarm Clock
Smooth Sandpaper
Double Sided Playing Cards
Waterproof Sponge
Waterproof Teabags
Pedal Powered Wheelchair
Braille Drivers Manual
Fireproof Matches
Fireproof Cigarettes
Battery Powered Battery Charger
Motorbike Seatbelts
Hand Powered Chainsaw
Tin of Tartan paint
Blow up dart board
Chocolate kettle
Glass hammer
Left handed screwdriver
Cordless parachute
Toothless saw
Solar powered torch
Set of square tyres
Transparent curtains
Concrete armbands

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