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Chav Rating
Number of rings you have, and there meaning:

0 - you're a tramp, poorpa, or you have no hands.

1 - you're married, engaged, or a widow(er).

2 - you are wearing a telephone, answer the fkn thing.

3 - you are a woman that takes it in all three.

4 - you're a mini-chav looking upto the likes of Shrek like Rooney.

5 - mid chav status.

6 - you are a gangster wannabe.

7 - get that kappa tracksuit on.

8 - are they fake or something? What the fk you want 8 for?

9 - yup, yours are all gold plated tin.

10 - proper chav, and junkies consider them as trophies, so be prepared to lose your fingers for them.

10 plus - you are an easy lay. Each ring represents each bloke you have copped off with.

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home - zigs bits - chav ratings
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